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Office Records Systems And Space Management

RRP $265.99

This volume contains common-sense guidelines for the space management and control of office records systems. Tweedy proposes that an in-depth study of the file system, as well as the entire process of business records creation and control, be undertaken prior to or simultaneous with comprehensive office space planning and allocation. This analysis will effectively eliminate unsatisfactory systems control. Tweedy shows how to evaluate a firM's entire records system, from creation to filing, storing, retrieval, and the ultimate destruction. He also suggests immediate ways to reduce or eliminate many unsatisfactory processes. The author provides many surprisingly simple solutions to the space-related problems of records management. What's more, they do not necessarily entail the purchase of new space-saving equipment, although a discussion of such equipment is included. The volume is complete with illustrations, checklists, diagrams, and alternative routes to more perfect file space utilization.

Organizing Your Workspace For A Productivity Boost

RRP $18.99

Did you know personal organization is the foundation for all increased productivity and success? A streamlined workspace plus a top-notch online and offline presence will dramatically boost your credibility and efficiency with Business Productivity Coach Marcia Ramsland's practical and innovative approach. Marcia has organized hundreds of client offices and businesses from corporate executive suites and office cubicles to solo entrepreneurs working from home offices. With step-by-step instructions you'll be able to reduce any paper piles, retrieve computer files quickly, pare down your e-mail, and upgrade your online presence. You'll be motivated to ... Maintain an organized life Boost your productivity Earn a reputation for getting things done Increase your bottom line Improve your satisfaction each day Stepping into an efficient workspace each morning and closing down your well-organized computer at the end of the day will create the relief and personal satisfaction you've been looking for in work and life."

Space Rangers

RRP $13.99

This book is a work of fiction. It is based in 2425 and focuses on the creation of the Space Rangers, a military police force that is a part of the Galaxy Association of Planets (GAP). It involves a love story between two officers who fall in love while fighting alien enemy invaders. This is the first book in a three book trilogy of the exploits of the Space Rangers.

A Homily Of Saint Gregory The Great On The Pastoral Office

RRP $14.99

St. Alphonsus writes: "a single bad book will be sufficient to cause the destruction of a monastery." Pope Pius XII wrote in 1947 at the beatification of Blessed Maria Goretti: "There rises to Our lips the cry of the Saviour: 'Woe to the world because of scandals!' (Matthew 18:7). Woe to those who consciously and deliberately spread corruption-in novels, newspapers, magazines, theaters, films, in a world of immodesty!" We at St. Pius X Press are calling for a crusade of good books. We want to restore 1,000 old Catholic books to the market. We ask for your assistance and prayers. This book is a photographic reprint of the original The original has been inspected and many imperfections in the existing copy have been corrected. At Saint Pius X Press our goal is to remain faithful to the original in both photographic reproductions and in textual reproductions that are reprinted. Photographic reproductions are given a page by page inspection, whereas textual reproductions are proofread to correct any errors in reproduction.

Space Modernization And Social Interaction

RRP $354.99

This book concerns the Beijing Hutong and changing perceptions of space, of social relations and of self, as processes of urban redevelopment remove Hutong dwellers from their traditional homes to new high-rise apartments. It addresses questions of how space is humanly built and transformed, classified and differentiated, and most importantly how space is perceived and experienced. This study elaborates and expands Lefebvre's "trialectic" of space on a theoretical level. The ethnography presented is a conversation with Tim Ingold's argument about "empty space". This research employs the ethnographic technique of participant-observation to secure a finely textured, detailed and micro-social account of local experience. Then, these micro-social insights are contextualized within macro-social structures of Chinese modernism by speaking to geographical concerns, orientalism and history. Qingqing Yang has a captivating narrative style; its deceptively light personal touch causes the reader to see as she does and to learn with her, and we come to appreciate the habitual round of Beijing life amid forces of radical change.' From the Foreword, by Nigel Rapport, Professor of Anthropological and Philosophical Studies, University of St. Andrews Space Modernization and Social Interaction is a truly intriguing and original piece of work. The aim of the book is to compare conceptualizations of living space in Beijing: on one hand in traditional Chinese courtyards referred to as Hutong, and on the other hand in modern high-rise apartments. This is prompted by a dramatic relocation by the government of residents from Hutong to apartments as a part of a city-planning scheme, in which some of the Hutongs are replaced by new wide roads. Other Hutongs are maintained and equipped with modern facilities such as natural gas pipes in kitchens and bathrooms. It was in the latter type of traditional Hutong with modern facilities, that Yang did her main fieldwork for altogether fourteen months between July 2009 and September 2012. She also spent four months in a high-rise apartment compound outside the city. It is obvious that her fieldwork was most successful. From Professor Helena Wulff, Stockholm University.


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