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Space Rangers

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This book is a work of fiction. It is based in 2425 and focuses on the creation of the Space Rangers, a military police force that is a part of the Galaxy Association of Planets (GAP). It involves a love story between two officers who fall in love while fighting alien enemy invaders. This is the first book in a three book trilogy of the exploits of the Space Rangers.

Medical And Dental Space Planning

RRP $335.95

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Medical and Dental Space Planning is an indispensable guide to the myriad of details that make a medical or dental practice efficient and productive. The unique needs of more than thirty specialties, as well as primary care, are explained in the context of new technology and the many regulatory and compliance issues influencing design. Concepts are also presented for ambulatory surgical centers, diagnostic imaging, clinical laboratories, breast care clinics, endoscopy centers, community health centers, radiation oncology, and single-specialty and multispecialty group practices and clinics. A thorough review of the latest dental technology and many creative space plans and design ideas for each dental specialty will be of interest to both dentists and design professionals. Important topics like infection control are top of mind, influencing every aspect of dental office design.

An "inside look" at what goes on in each specialist's office will familiarize readers with medical and dental procedures, how they are executed, and the types of equipment used. Technology has radically impacted medical and dental practice: digital radiography, electronic health records, mobile health devices, point-of-care diagnostic testing, digital diagnostic instrumentation, CAD/CAM systems for digital dental impressions and milling of restorations in the dentist's office, portable handheld X-ray, and 3D cone beam computed tomography for dentists all have major implications for facility design.

The influence of the Affordable Care Act is transforming primary care from volume-based to value-based, which has an impact on the design of facilities, resulting in team collaboration spaces, larger consultative examination/assessment rooms, and accommodation for multidisciplinary practitioners who proactively manage patient care, often in a patient-centered medical home context.

The wealth of information in this book is organized to make it easy to use and practical. Program tables accompany each medical and dental specialty to help the designer compute the number and sizes of required rooms and total square footage for each practice. This handy reference can be used during interviews for a "reality check" on a client's program or during space planning. Other features, for example, help untangle the web of compliance and code issues governing office-based surgery.

Illustrated with more than 600 photographs and drawings, Medical and Dental Space Planning is an essential tool for interior designers and architects as well as dentists, physicians, and practice management consultants.

Organizing Your Workspace For A Productivity Boost

RRP $18.99

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Did you know personal organization is the foundation for all increased productivity and success? A streamlined workspace plus a top-notch online and offline presence will dramatically boost your credibility and efficiency with Business Productivity Coach Marcia Ramsland's practical and innovative approach. Marcia has organized hundreds of client offices and businesses from corporate executive suites and office cubicles to solo entrepreneurs working from home offices. With step-by-step instructions you'll be able to reduce any paper piles, retrieve computer files quickly, pare down your e-mail, and upgrade your online presence. You'll be motivated to ... Maintain an organized life Boost your productivity Earn a reputation for getting things done Increase your bottom line Improve your satisfaction each day Stepping into an efficient workspace each morning and closing down your well-organized computer at the end of the day will create the relief and personal satisfaction you've been looking for in work and life."

Diary Of A Prison Officer - Part 2

RRP $16.99

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This is a fictional story following my work as a prison officer, the sexual encounters I enjoyed along the way and an emerging love affair. Meeting Jason in the leisure centre Fitness training begins with Aaron and Jason, getting sweaty and naked Jarek - assessing & investigating his stretched ring dilemma Interview to become Volunteer Co-ordinator of Volunteer Punishers Physical assessment & training for the role Presentation in Governors Office Interviewing the volunteer candidates A night out with the lads & bedding Jason The volunteer competition begins Training the volunteers A Night out with Jason - cinema and sauna The finals of the competition What to do about Jason? Reader's feedback "I loved your style. Great balance of character development, sex and intrigue. I look forward to the next chapter!" "Liked the story and hope there is more to come from the prison diary. The sex is heavy and erotic and not over done. Thanks for sharing" "Hi, really liked the story, very creative. I'm in my 40's and fit and liked the mix of ages as well as races. Story is hot and well written; the anal action was great, especially the methodical hole stretching." "Hey there, just finished another one of your amazing stories and I can't wait to read more. You're a phenomenal writer. I've read all of your stories. Thank you for sharing." "You gave me some very enjoyable hours... almost as if you put my dreams on paper.... you clearly now what FF is all about... this is exactly how it should be" "I loved it so well written and so.... I can't think of a word but it was long and by the end it was too short. Please continue as soon as possible although if it is half this good it will be worth the wait!" "I have just finished reading both chapters of this awesome story. I cannot wait to see what happens with Sam and Jason. Will Jason leave his girlfriend for Sam? I hope so. I hope he realizes that he cannot live without Sam as we can see that Sam is becoming totally in love with Jason. What will the punishment sessions be like? I can just imagine but really can't wait to see what actually happens. Hope you are able to put a new chapter together shortly, even if it is shorter. Your new fan" "Bloody hell mate. Did it again with that one - fucking fantastic bit of work there. I reckon I'm going to single-handedly help my drycleaner get his yacht a couple years early given the uh messy response to your work there. Damn good work mate... brilliantly written, hot as all hell, and a cut above the rest. Keep at it mate." "You have made my day! Thanks"

Developing Basic Space Science World-wide

RRP $793.99

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When the first United Nations/European Space Agency Workshop for Basic Space Science was planned to be held in Bangalore, India (1991) on the invitation of ISRO, few of those involved could expect that a unique forum was going to be created for scientific dialogue between scientists from developing and industrialized nations. As the format of the first workshop was on purpose left free with time for presentations, working sessions, and plenary discussions, the workshop was left to find its own dynamics. After a decade of UN/ESA Workshops, this book brings together the historical activities, the plans which have been developed over the past decade in the different nations, and the results which have materialized during this time in different developing nations. It aims to achieve for development agencies to be assisted in ways to find more effective tools for the application of development aid. The last section of the book contains a guide for teachers to introduce astrophysics into university physics courses. This will be of use to teachers in many nations. Everything described in this book is the result of a truly collective effort from all involved in all UN/ESA workshops. The mutual support from the participants has helped significantly to implement some of the accomplishments described in the book. Rather than organizing this book in a subject driven way, it is essentially organized according to the common economic regions of the world, as defined by the United Nations (Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Western Asia). This allows better recognition of the importance of a regional (and at times) global approach to basic space science for the developing nation's world wide. It highlights very specific scientific investigations which have been completed successfully in the various developing nations. The book supplements the published ten volumes of workshop proceedings containing scientific papers presented in the workshops from 1991 to 2002. Information on the workshops is also available at


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